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The following companies and manufacturers are scheduled to exhibit at the Miami Pen Show on July 13, 14, 15, 2018.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the annual Miami 2018 please view our Exhibit & Advertising Information page.

This list will be updated as new exhibitors are added. We thank the exhibitors for participating in our annual pen show.

Meet our exhibitors! Learn more about the people, companies and specialties they bring to you at the Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show.

  •     Anderson Pens
  •     Armando Simoni Club
  •     Bertram’s Inkwell
  •     Crazy Alan’s Emporium
  •     Diplomat Pen
  •     Divine Island Design
  •     Federalist Pens & Paper
  •     Jim Rouse
  •     Opus Mechan
  •     Papier Plume
  •     Taccia
  •     The Pen Man/Tom Baley
  •     Woodshed Pen Company
  •     Yafa


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