2024 Miami Pens Show Event Map

2024 Miami Pens Show Event Map
Abdiel Acosta Art Anderillium Ink Bello Leathers Berooj Darail Penz Crazy Alan Divine Pens Plus Entropy Pens Federalist Pens & Paper Flexinibs Florida Fountain Pen Florida Modern Art LLC John's Vintage Fountain Pens Jowo Shop Linda Allan Little Hollow Pens Magnolia Pen Company

Abdiel Acosta Art

Abiel Acosta Workshop

Gorgeous pen and ink art and unique ceramic pen holders are Adbiel Acosta’s featured creations. See them on Etsy. Follow him on Instagram

Anderillium Ink

Anderillium INks


We hand make all of our inks in our own laboratory. Our colors are all custom formulated by our resident chemist. We don’t use any animal products in our inks or our packaging. Everyone at Anderillium is passionate about protecting our oceans and our wildlife, and we choose to use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, even if it costs us a bit more.

Bello Leathers

Bello Leathers

Bello Leathers

I started this business ten years ago, to share a great lost art of making items by hand. My wife helps out a lot as we create custom items for our customers. We do offer a few standard items in the shop.

We enjoy the satisfaction of creating something that will last for a long time, that will not be discarded after just a few uses. We love the smell of Leather we hope you will as well.
Everything is Hand Made here in the U.S.A.

Did you know that LEATHER is a traditional third Wedding Anniversary Gift? WHY?? Perhaps because like a good RELATIONSHIP, leather is durable and resilient. Like true LOVE, leather is strong, yet flexible, able to bend, yet never breaks. Like a good MARRIAGE, leather becomes more comfortable, while becoming more beautiful over time. We would be happy to personalize your gift with names or dates.

We source the leather from reputable tanneries that receives the hides from the beef industry so no part of the cows are wasted. The tanneries uses natural tannin that include bark to create the Vegetable tanned leather that we use.
It is the safest method for the environment.

We hope that you and your family are staying safe.
Thanks for visiting and have a POSITIVE DAY!


Darail Penz

Darail Penz Logo


Beautiful handmade pens, papers, inks, & much more

Crazy Alan

Crazy Alans Emporium


Crazy Alan’s Emporium has been serving Chapel Hill for over 20 years.

We sell a full range of writing instruments, ink, and paper, including products from Pilot, LAMY, Kaweco, Sailor, TWSBI, Pelikan, Tom’s Studio, Uniball, Blackwing, Ferris Wheel Press, J Herbin, Monteverde, Rhodia, Endless, Midori, Kokuyo, and Leuchtturm.

Divine Pens Plus

Divine Pens Plus


Custom, handmade pens, pen displays, jewelry and resin art

Entropy Pens

Entropy Ink Logo


We specialize in traditional calligraphy supplies and vintage fountain pens and parts- mostly from the golden age of American penmanship (parker, sheaffer, wahl, conklin, and waterman).

Federalist Pens & Paper

Federalist Pens and Paper Logo


Federalist Pens is an eCommerce luxury pen store run by an avid pen collector/enthusiast with 20+ years experience using/buying/collecting/selling vintage and modern pens! As a former high school History Teacher, I decided to turn my hobby/passion into a FT business venture!   I now sell new pens as an authorized dealer for our listed pen brands. We also sell paper, ink, cases, vintage pens, nibs, and accessories for this amazing hobby!


Flex Nibs Pens Logo


Restored vintage pens with flex nibs at a table with a writing station enabling you to try any pen for sale with ink on paper. I take a pride in restoring the original nibs and feeds to make them sing on paper.

Florida Fountain Pen

Florida Fountain Pen


Fountain Pens, inks and accessories sales online and at pen shows. Owner/Organizer of the Orlando Pen Show

Florida Modern Art LLC

Gerhard Jakobeit

Florida-based, German-born, Gerhard Jakobeit, owner of Florida Modern Art LLC, has been a pen collector for many years during his careers as an internationally-known architect, a realtor, and artist. He will be selling pens from his extensive Montblanc Limited Edition Pen Collection.

John's Vintage Fountain Pens

Jowo Shop



Herzlich willkommen !

Everyday consumers all over the world experience the pleasure of smooth, crisp writing with unique color saturation of JoWo nibs.

JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH’s origins date back 1852. Playing a major role in the writing instruments industry, the company saw its facilities destroyed in the 1940s, literally rising from the ashes in post war years. The fall of the iron curtain in the late 1990s allowed JoWo to regain momentum and occupy a leading position in the global production of fountain pen nibs, an industry that has experienced an impressive growth in recent years, despite the widespread use of technological devices and new forms of communication.

Linda Allan

Linda Allan

I am a long time pen collector (50 years) and reseller (10 years) of dip, fountain, and other pen types. I also sell ink, pen display trays, pen cases, pen books, and paper journals. I only do this at the pen shows I attend in Florida and other States. I have pens dating from the early 1900s’ to today’s modern styles.

Little Hollow Pens

Little Hollow Customs


Hand crafted fountain pens made from resin, wood, metals, and other materials.

Magnolia Pen Company

Magnolia Pen Company


Magnolia Pen Company in New Albany, MS, stands as a testament to artisan craftsmanship in the world of writing instruments. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range in northeastern Mississippi, founder Lowry Wilson takes pride in dedication to quality and attention to detail. From the selection of unique and premium materials to the final finishing process, every step is carried out with the utmost care and expertise. Beyond its exquisite craftsmanship and with a commitment to excellence, Lowry goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer experience is nothing short of exceptional. Magnolia Pen Company represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, offering beautifully crafted writing instruments that are as functional as they are elegant. For anyone seeking a writing instrument that is both a pleasure to use and a joy to behold, Magnolia Pen Company is a name to remember.