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Interesting Facts

12 Interesting Facts About Miami

Miami is a subtropical city located in sunshine state Florida in between the Everglades and North Atlantic Ocean. Flying over Biscayne Bay, you can observe the wonderful beaches that attract around 14 million visitors each year. Florida’s Cultural Center and the diverse blend of the city represent the Miami. Miami is the cultural Melting pot that entices the people from colder spots. Miami is the influx of South American or Spanish Culture that mixes Latin Rythm and Cuban Cuisine. Miami gives an eclectic shopping experience, from designer boutiques at Bal Harbour or mainstream chains at Bayside Marketplace. If you want to know something more, go through these interesting and amazing facts about this “Capital of Latin America”, Miami:


1. One Of The Most Populous

Miami’s metro area is the eighth most populous and fourth-largest urban land in the United States holding a population of around 5.5 million people. It is also known to be the second-most populous metropolis in the Southeastern U.S.
source: Wikipedia

2. “Cruise Capital Of The World”

Cruise Port of Miami

The large seaport city of Miami has the world’s busiest cruise port. For more than two decades, the Port of Miami has been known as the “Cruise Capital of the World.”
source: visitflorida.com

3. Best Place To Enjoy Beaches!

Miami Beach

Miami is the land of beautiful tranquil beaches. The Miami Beach is known as America’s Riviera and the Latin Hollywood. Along with this, The South Beach of Miami was rated as the number 1 Beach in America by the Travel Chanel.
source: sjhsouthbeach.com

4. Only City Founded By A Woman

Julia Tuttle
Julia Tuttle

 Miami is the only major city in the US to be founded by a woman (Julia Tuttle, called the “Mother of Miami”). She convinced the co-founder Henry Flagler to extend his railroad from central Florida to Miami, build a luxury hotel and lay out a new town.
source: sjhsouthbeach.com

5. Named After A Tribe!

Lost Tribes of Florida
Lost Tribes of Florida

The city of Miami gets its name from one of the native tribes that lived in that region in the 1600 and 1700s, known as the Mayaimi.
source: mentalfloss.com

6. World’s Largest Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco District Miami

The largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the entire world lies here in the Miami Beach. With no less than 800 fantastically made buildings including the districts of Espanola Way, Collins/Washington Avenues, Flamingo Park and Museum make up the Art Deco Architecture.
source: escapehere.com

7. A Treasure Hunt Awaits You!

A lot of gold and silver has been found on and offshore by people who have visited Miami Beach. It is believed that pirates such as Blackbeard and Gasparilla left many treasures buried in the Miami Ocean.
source: escapehere.com

8. Warm Are The Miami Days!

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast. If we go precise, it is located at some 2° north of the Tropic of Cancer, and thus has a warm marine climate. The city remains hot with an average temperature of about 24° C.
source: wanderwisdom.com

9. Devoted To Flora And Fauna

Everglades National Park, Miami

Parrot Jungle Miami, Florida
Parrot Jungle Miami, Florida

Miami has are numerous attractions devoted to nature. The Everglades National Park, the Grossman Hammock State Park, and several other national parks are a must visit if you want to observe the flora and fauna of Miami. The city also houses several animal refuges such as the Crandon Park Zoo, on Key Biscayne; Monkey Jungle and Parrot Jungle in the south of Coral Gables.
source: wanderwisdom.com

10. First To Open Burger King!

The first Burger King opened in Miami in the year 1954. Three years after, they introduced the Whopper at 37 cents a burger.
source: mentalfloss.com

11. Temperate Climate expected for the Miami Pen Show in July

Average High: 88° F
Average Low: 78° F
Average Precipitation: 4.3 inches
Average Ocean Temperature: 86°

12. Art around every corner

As an Art Basel host, home to the evolving Wynwood art scene, and canvas for Romero Britto’s pop pieces, it is clear that art has become one of the major attractions in Miami. Museums in Miami house pieces from local and international artists but the streets also serve as a showcase for many creatives. For indoor exhibitions, the Wolfsonian-FIU in the Art Deco District is a favorite, while Wynwood offers a more eclectic experience with its cutting edge street art and contemporary galleries.