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Meet The Exhibitors 2021

Meet the Miami Pen Show 2021 Exhibitors

Interested in exhibiting at the annual Miami Pen Show on July 16, 17, 18, 2021?
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The following companies and manufacturers are scheduled to exhibit and this list will be updated as new exhibitors are added. We thank the exhibitors for participating in our annual pen show.

This page is being continuously updated with details of additional information.
We have plenty more exhibitors to add, so please check back again soon!

Geoffrey Parker, great-grandson of the founder George S. Parker. Author, Historian Manager, Parker Family Archives. Geoffrey’s work with the team at Parker Pens has also included helping with development of the new Duofold 100, and to a lesser degree, the new 51.

Pen Realm logo

Pen Realm [penrealm.com]
My name is Kirk Speer and I have been doing nib grinding, nib repair and tuning for a little over 4 years now. I first received recognition through social media platforms like Reddit (u/loverslanders and u/penrealm) and Instagram. In March of 2020 (2 weeks before Covid shutdowns) I quit my daytime job as a project manager for a construction company to pursue this business full time. In addition to nib work, I also carry many retail brands of pens, paper, and inks including TWSBI, Kilk, Scribo, Leonardo, Akkerman, Colorverse, Platinum, Opus88, Midori, Kokuyo, Tomoe River, Scribe, Scribe Inks, and more. You can find my full range of products.


YAFA [yafa.com]
Established in 1978, Yafa, Inc.® is the world’s leading source for fine writing instruments including fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens. Yafa manufactures and distributes Monteverde USA® and Conklin® brand pens and refills, which are currently available in over 40 countries. Yafa Pen Company® is also the exclusive North American distributor for the prestigious Italian brands Stipula®, Pineider®, Parafernalia®, Tibaldi®, Nettuno 1911® and Marlen®, as well Conklin®, Monteverde USA®, Private Reserve Ink®, Diplomat®, Schmidt®, Maiora® and Yookers®


Bertram’s Inkwell [bertramsinkwell.com]
In many ways, Bertram’s Inkwell has gone beyond being just a store, evolving into a community of sorts where pen lovers drop in to chat with the staff, shmooze with each other and possibly buy something. Bert Oser occasionally brews a cup of coffee for a visitor. And so life in the Inkwell goes on. Young Bert’s dream has reached fruition, and midlife Bert doesn’t see his future self embarking on any major life changes. He likes what he’s been doing for the past twenty-five years and plans to continue on the same path. Bert Oser is, in short, a happy man — and you can’t ask for much more than that.

Greg Minuskin [gregminuskin.com]
Greg Minuskin is a former supervisor at Rolex watch company. He is also a professional vintage fountain pen restorer as well as specializing in the restoration of fountain pen nibs.Trained under John Mottishaw, Greg Minuskin has become recognized for his nib work, repairs, and nib resizing services.

Italian Pens [ItalianPens.com]
Welcome to Italian Pens, the best luxury fine Writing Instruments. We are the only Dealer in South Florida offering the Best International Brands – Montegrappa, Molteni, Aurora, Pilot, Namiki, Visconti ST Dupont, and more. Visit us to see the latest 2021 models and get the best prices.


Federalist Pens Online [federalistpensonline.com]
Federalist Pens is an eCommerce store run by an avid pen collector/enthusiast with more than fifteen years of experience buying/collecting/selling vintage pens. Frank Limper is a history teacher and decided to turn his hobby into a business venture. Frank enjoys selling modern pens as an authorized dealer for all the new brands listed on their site, in addition to selling vintage pens, paper, ink, and accessories for this luxury market industry.


Hinze Pens [hinzepens.com]
Hinze Pens specializes in the creation of modern fountain pens, and roller balls leveraging modern hand poured artesian resins, vintage materials, ebonite, and wood. Hinze is known for color. They embrace bold, vibrant, and sometimes crazy/clashing colors. They can also plate the metal accents, including the nib, to match or complement the material. All of their pens are hand made using traditional machining methods. They purchase the nib, feed, and a lot of the clips. Human hands touch the pen at every portion of its creation. Their pens range from small (Pelikan M200/M400 size up to are RCA nominated Evancio (on par with a KOP and larger than the Opus 88). Prices start at a modest $160. Being a custom maker, they have lots of options for nibs, shape, trim, etc.

Total Fine Writing is a division of Total Office Products Service which has been in business since 1976 and has earned an exceptional reputation throughout the metro Atlanta area. They continually carry over half a million dollars worth of inventory and travel to the majority of the pen shows throughout the United States and have established an incredible following of loyal customers around the country.

Restoration Preservation Conservation Products [resotrationproduct.com]
Dennis Blaine is the exclusive United States agent / wholesale-distributor for all general markets since 1993 for Picreator Enterprises Ltd. of London, England… by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen .. Supplier of Products for Restoration and Conservation – RENAISSANCE WAX/POLISH along with our other fine restoration supplies renowned for their quality, consistency and reliability – used by museums, galleries, professionals and collectors worldwide.

Matthew Martin Makes [matthewmartinmakes.com]
Instruments in his garage, alongside his father creating custom knives. Matthew’s vision and aesthetic are founded on the limitations of the media that he uses. Understanding how to apply these limitations, he produces contrast in a variety of ways. His style is not singular, and therefore each piece that he creates and explores different aspects of what he finds beautiful. Using new and old things in new and old ways, Matthew hopes to develop a body of work that showcases the tremendous capacity of beauty in our modern existence.

Kenro Industries [kenroindustries.com]
Kenro is built on a foundation of our love for fine writing instruments and those who use them. For twenty-eight years they have been inking fountain pens and sharing them with the pen community and their retail partners across the country. They began as a two-person operation in Mineola and have expanded to a team of over a dozen. As their interests have evolved, so have their clients’ and while one of their focal points will always be fine writing instruments, Kenro’s focus has broadened to include fine watches, gifts and accessories. Kenro is the North American distributor for the following brands: Aurora®, Esterbrook®, Montegrappa®, Otto Hutt®, Pininfarina®, Ystudio and Kenro Creative®.

Iron Feather Creative [ironfeathercreative.com]
Brian Weaver, Artist and Owner of IronFeather Creative, is known for his unique and exquisite quality hand-carved custom fountain pens, many with hand cast roll stops. Pens are hand turned by the Artist, and available fully carved, partially carved, themed, and also available with no carvings.  Alumilite is used, as well as sterling silver and other precious metals for roll stops. Jow0 Nibs #6 are used in variety of nib sizes.

Vanness 1938 [vanness1938.com]
Now in its third generation, the Vanness family continues to serve central Arkansas. Orville Vanness could never be pinned down to a date for his original store. He began repairing razors in the Snodgrass and Bracy drugstore in the early 1930’s. He quickly added on fountain pen repair. He dreamed of having his own name on a sign and sometime around 1938 he opened shop in downtown Little Rock. Orville passed his skills on to his sons. Together, Dennis and Van continued the family tradition with added locations and retail merchandise. Today, Orville’s grandson, Mike, (Dennis’ son) carries on the family tradition

Pilot Pen USA [pilotpen.us]
Pilot Corporation of America prides itself on being a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality writing instruments in the United States. Our sales continue to grow year after year because of the quality of our products, and the innovation of our Research and Development teams. Our spirit of innovation has always focused on serving consumer’s writing needs and making writing a pleasure. Pilot Pen is the third largest writing instrument company in the United States. Established in the U.S. in 1972, Pilot is the fastest-growing writing instrument company in the country. The parent company, Pilot Corporation in Tokyo, was founded in 1918. It is the oldest and largest writing instrument manufacturer in Japan.

Laban [laban.com]
Laban has been advancing steadily in the rise and fall of the pen industry. Mastering the technique of pen-making, from classical Raden to modern acrylic resin, no matter how much stationery was developed, we must return to a simple thing: the original intention. The intention of making a pen, it is close to the palm of the writer. The intention of using a pen, it is created to conveying the thoughts. A pen is a tool, but what is written is the affection that modern technology cannot translate. Refill your soul by writing. At forty had no doubts. It’s all about the original intention.

Crazy Alan’s Emporium [crazyalansemporium.wordpress.com]
Looking for an endless supply of office materials or crafty stuffs? You’re absolutely at the right place to look for them. Alan has cultivated a brilliant collection of contemporary and vintage pens from 20¢ to $2,000. He also carefully chooses fun and educational toys for children of all ages. We offer the largest selection of Baggallini bags (outside of Texas) and Jack Georges handmade original leather bags and goods- all made in the US. They have many items related school and office basic needs as well as items that can inspire you and your imagination in creating interesting things back in your own world!

Roses Without Thorns [roseswithoutthorns.net]
Link Tongs project is a combination of art exhibition and hands-on workshop for all audience. His new collection of “Roses without Thorns“- is a series of artworks that was started in 2005 using handmade paper roses as a medium. Each rose is intricately shaped with colored crepe paper, glued together forming various designs and then finished with clear acrylic paint to make them strong and long lasting.

Nikola Pang Entropy Ink [entropy.ink]
Nikola Pang is a calligrapher from California who has been studying and practicing classic western calligraphy professionally since 2013. He has done event work for clients including Montblanc and Cartier and a number of private commissions. Currently he does contract certificate and special awards work and teaches classes in letterform and calligraphy at Stanford University. Nikola is a lover of the timeless beauty and power of the written forms in fine art and promotes awareness of penmanship, lettering, and writing through handmade crafts. His goal is to partner with clients to create unique experiences through calligraphy and expand knowledge and appreciation of letterforms through learning, teaching, and creating. Whether it’s through a personal commissioned work, invitations for your special event, or as a delightfully unexpected gift or spectacle for your customers, Nikola’s goal is to create something unique, wonderful, and memorable. Powerful and important events deserve to be honored and preserved in writing that does them justice. Since the tools of our discipline are indispensable to the art, we restore and sell restored vintage pens, handmade dip pen holders, vintage dip nibs, and customized/modified fountain pens for everyone from seasoned professionals to budding hobbyists. 

Do you love fountain pens, new or old? Do you live in South Florida, and would you like to meet with others who do? If so, you are welcome here.

John Olson Write Turnz [writeturnz.com]
At Write Turnz we hand craft Artisan Made writing instruments.  Our goal is to create functional art that tells a story or captures a moment in time.  This event can be personal, a historical event or even a marker in time.  We use many materials that have been reclaimed, repurposed, or salvaged from important, historic parts of time, capture the beauty in natural burls or sustainably harvested exotic woods. We find these materials have the ultimate abundance of nature’s pure beauty, as well as delicate characteristics that give each piece its own exquisite individuality. 

Emmanuel Caltagirone ASC [thepenfamily.com]
A pen company by collectors for collectors. This is the ethos behind the ASC brand. Its founder, Emmanuel Caltagirone, believes a fountain pen must be both functional and beautiful. Born in Paris to a family of reputable pen makers, fountain pens were destined to be in his future.  His father, Nicolas Caltagirone, is the well-known figure behind the reputable Waterman and Cartier pen brands. When the OMAS luxury pen brand was up for sale, Emmanuel knew it would be his crown jewel. OMAS had something other pen makers covet – beautiful and rare celluloid material.  ASC continues to stretch the boundaries where beauty and tradition intersect. Creating connections from one generation to the next. Such is the legacy of Armando Simoni Club.

I do custom grinds, repairs, restoration, tuning, modification, and a lot of talking. If you’ve got a question, I’ve got an answer, regardless of whether it’s off the top of my head or filed away neatly in my brain from years of scouring countless catalogues, websites, forums, and repair manuals. As much as I enjoy working on my own pens, I find the satisfactory grin of a fellow pen addict to be the most magical part of the whole process. Come by and see me at the Miami show- I’ll be more than happy to chat, tinker, or help keep the ink flowing in any way I can.

Divine Island Design [DivineIslandDesign.com]
Divine Island Design is a local business in Big Pine Key, Florida that was started in 2017. We specialize in custom, handmade projects from woods and acrylics. The owners are Braxton & Erica Frankenbery. The Florida Keys was our paradise for over 10 years as we vacationed in the Marathon area. In February 2016, we moved from Columbus, Ohio to Big Pine Key. We left our home, family and Erica left her job as a microbiologist to move to paradise. We knew God had a plan for us because all we needed was provided. Erica started working as a bank teller. Braxton continues to work as a project manager in telecom. However, a piece still seemed to be missing. We used Braxton’s hobby of woodworking and Erica’s hobby of socializing to start Divine Island Design. With almost 20 years of woodworking experience, we use our talents and share them with the rest of the Florida Keys. Braxton’s beautiful projects and Erica’s skill for networking has allowed us to start our dream business. Our store is located at 29928 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key, FL 33043. We are next to Shell gas station. Come see us at the Miami Pen Show 2021.

Pens Plus LLC is owned and operated by Allen & Lillian Gross of Delray Beach, FL, USA. This company specializes in one-of-a-kind and rare limited edition pens from sold out editions, as well as direct factory closeouts. Pens Plus are now in their 16th year in business.

Tom Baley, founder of The Pen Man is known for specializing in vintage and modern Pelikan pens, as well as other sold-out editions.