2024 Miami Pen Show

Exhibitors 2021

The following companies and manufacturers are scheduled to exhibit at the Miami Pen Show on July 16, 17, 18, 2021.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the 31st annual Miami 2021 please view our Exhibit & Advertising Information page.

This list will be updated as new exhibitors are added. We thank the exhibitors for participating in our annual pen show.

Meet our exhibitors! Learn more about the people, companies and specialties they bring to you at the 31stĀ Annual Miami Pen Show.

  • Bertram’s Inkwell
  • Hinze Pens, Proudly made in Texas
  • Italian Pens
  • Yafa
  • G.S.P. Geoffrey S. Parker
  • Pen Realm
  • Greg Minuskin
  • Federalist Pens and Paper
  • Total Office Products Service
  • Restoration Preservation Conservation Products
  • Matthew Martin Makes
  • Kenro Industries
  • Iron Feather Creative
  • Vanness Incorporated
  • Pilot Pen USA
  • Laban
  • Crazy Alan’s Emporium
  • Roses without Thorns
  • Nikola Pang Entropy Ink
  • South Florida Pen Club
  • Write Turnz
  • Armando Simoni Club
  • Jack Hairston
  • Stephen Mandell
  • Louis Fisher
  • Craig Bozworth
  • Roger Bello
  • John Urbank
  • Dime Fast
  • Javier Diaz
  • Divine Island Design
  • Pens Plus
  • The Pen Man

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